Fitting Notes and Evaluation

Evaluatuing the Fitting

The fitting was held at Arts Ed' so I had to travel to London to get the costume fitted to one of the students there. I felt the fitting went reasonably well. The general fit of the costume was fairly good particularly the tutu. I was pleased with this especially because this was the first time I have ever attempted a classical ballet costume. The bodice needed a few alterations to make it fit snug to the artists body. These were achieved by taking in the bust seam from just under the bust, the seam next to the CB and lengthening the shoulder seam a little. i felt that these alterations not only improved the fit of the costume but also made the bodice much more aesthetic appealing. None of these alterations hindered the neckline. However as a couple of the seam had to be altered I will need to look at the decoration lines across these seams and adapt these slightly. Before the fitting I was apprehensive about the fit of the costume, particularly be as I did not take the measurements so I could not visualize the size of the artist. Also because I was not sure how well adapting a pattern would work compared to making a block/padding out a mannequin to the artists measurements. I was also apprehensive about whether I had made the costume correctly especially as i have never made dancewear before.

I believe I behaved in a professional manor throughout the fitting of my costume. Although the fitting was in a different but professional environment I felt fairly confident carrying out the fitting. I felt I interacted quite well with the artists a points during the fitting both to let her know what I was about to do and asking her how the costume felt but also asking her about her courses and dance. I felt I was well prepared and organized with all the equipment I needed and that the costume was at the stage it should have been for the fitting.

Following the fitting we had a group meeting about how we thought our fittings went, and to discuss aspects of the costume such as applying the decoration regarding the time we had left. We also discussed what we could do before the next workshop which included altering the bodice and preparing the facing for the plate. Following this meeting I wrote a list off all the things that needed to be done on the costume ready for hand-in, in order for me to try and judge what I could aim to achieve each day. From both completing this list and the meeting I am very worried about being able to finish everything in time for hand-in and to a good standard.

Fitting Notes


When fitting ballet costumes or any other form of dance costume always use safety pins instead of normal pins.

Put costume on artist and make sure the waistband is sitting on her waist.

Pin CB with safety pins matching at bust and waistlines. No alterations were necessary on the CB.


The shoulder seam was not sitting on her shoulder correctly as is was too tight. To overcome this problem I snipped open the shoulder seam and re-pinned 0.5cm above original seam line on both front and back.

Take in the seam next to the CB 0.5cm all the way down to reduce the slight gaping.

Take the bust seam in from under the bust (3cm down from the bust line) 0.5cm in all the way down. Smooth seam intake over bust up to nothing at design line at neck.

Leg openings were fine.

Crotch was fine during the fitting. However I altered this before the fitting because I thought the knickers were being pulled in too tightly so I moved the seam into the seam allowance by 1” to make it bigger.

NOTE:- When marking up the alterations take from the side of the pin nearest to the original seam.

- When taking in/out a seam leave old seam in for the time being. Sew new seam the unpick old seam.


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