Yesterday was the first ballet workshop. Here we were given the task of completing the waistband, basque and knickers. I cut out my fabric for these and made a start on the waistband only to have misread the instructions meaning I needed to start again. From this I have learnt that I need to read my notes very carfully several times and understand what I am doing before I proceed with my work.

Today I remade my waistband and made my basque as well as starting on the knickers.

From the tutorial today I found out what I will be doing in this project. I will have the chance to make a classical tutu for clients at Arts Ed. The tutu will be a reconstuction of one of their old costumes but their will be a few changes made to the costume, such as the colour of the decorative bits which will be a pastel colour (this will have to be dyed). I have to go up to London with another member of the group to source some samples of gold broacde for the bodice. From the tutorial it became clearer to me what I need to achieve for this project in order to successfully fulfill the brief. For example, apart from making the costume I will need to do some research into the history of ballet and its costumes and even into some of the dance techniques. I will back up my research with images of ballet costume from books and the internet. The research will help me to gain a better understaing of ballet and help with the construction. From this tutorial I will begin my research before next session where I will start pattern cutting for the costume.